Our heartfelt thanks to all our mentors and patrons for their solidarity and support.

  • Our mentor and champion of Humane Capitalism Ms. Anu Aga who guided the process initially
  • Our process guides and selection committee members Prof. Amitabh Kundu, Mr. Yogiraj Gupta and all the iCONGO mentors & advisors who have been helping us over the years.
  • Ms. Lynn De’souza and Ms. Deepam Rami of Lintas Media Group
  • Ms. Ashita Mittal and Ms. Bidisha Pillai of UNODC
  • Mr. Rabin Dhoble of Omnicom
  • Mr. V. Narayanan of The Council of EU Chambers of Commerce in India.
  • Mr. Sanjay Puri and Ms. Geetanjali Bhushan of USIBA.
  • Ms. Namrata Sandhu Mr. Kenneth Khalko, Mr. Anil Roy, Mr. Rajesh Jain and others who helped put the process together at Grant Thornton.
  • Prof. Baxi, Prof. Neelu Bhullar Prof. Gita Bajaj and Prof. Ashok Kapoor at MDI
  • Fr. Fraser and the management at Xavier’s College.
  • Prof. Johny Joseph, Mr. Jay Kumar & the management of Christ College
  • Mr. Pranjal Sharma, Ms. Kiran, Mr. Chandru and others of UTVi
  • Mr. Sudhir Horo, Mr. Gabbar, of The Ideaworks
  • Mr. Harsih Khatri of Deccan Chronicle
  • Ms. Summiya Yasmin of Education World
  • Mr. Rashmi Ranjan, Mr. Rakesh Singh of Cranberry communications
  • Ms. Tara Sinha, General. Vinod Saighal, Mr. Promod Chawla, Mr. Anant Trivedi of NNFI
  • Mr. Girish Deshpande and Team PPI (Professionals Party of India)
  • Ms. Jane Fiona Cumming of Article 13 CSR consulting
  • Ms. Carolin Welzel of PublicONE CS Consulting
  • Mr. Stephen Farrell of Flourish Consulting
  • Ms. Sushma Veer our Karmaveer awardee who is forever ready to help us as our volunteer in Bangalore.
  • Ms. Pinky Pradhan, Mr. Jimmy Joseph, and Mr. Farooque Shaikh who helped us with the PR outreach
  • Mr. Gautam Seth, Mr. Arjun, Ms. Suman Punjabi, Ms. Sajni and all the other student members of AIESEC
  • Mr. Phani Raj, Mr. Mayank Gupta and Mr. Ranjith Boyanapalli of eYantra.
  • Ms. Lakshmi Iyer, Ms. Shibani Ghosh and Ms. Nikhila Trikha, Col. A. J. Bahadur and others who added a lot of value to the conclave.
  • Special thanks also to Mr. Zachary Tumin of the Kennedy school o f Government, Harvard University for putting together the round table on restoring the trust, Mr. Vikas Vasal of KPMG, Mr. Felix Kahle of Max Planck society- German Embassy, Mr. Stephen Solnick of Ford Foundation, Mr. Arthur van Diesen of DFID and Sam Chopra of IAPA - a global association of independent accountancy firms who made time to discuss 100 caring businesses and business leaders and encouraged it as an idea whose time has come.
  • Ms. Meenu Chopra, Ms. Shuchita Gupta, Ms. Megha Bhatia, Ms. Vioma Nautiyal, Ms. Gayatree Anand, Mr. Shashank Khattar, Mr. Nitin Batra, Mr. Akshat Jain, Mr. LS Narayanswamy (Ravi), Mr. Rex Fernandes of iCONGO

All our speakers and mentors for being with us and guiding the process.

  • Ms. Rita Soni from Yes Bank
  • Ms. Vandana Shah
  • Ms. Pamela Gale Malhotra from SAI sanctuary
  • Mr. Rajan Gandhi from SAG (Society Action Group)
  • Mr. R. V. Krishna from PPI
  • Mr. Yogesh Kochchar from Tata Group (now with Microsoft)
  • Mr. Niranjan Khatri from ITC Welcomgroup.
  • Mr. Christopher Doyle from Economist intelligence Unit
  • Mr. Darshan from Deccan Chronicle
  • Mr. Rajeev Dubey of Business World
  • Mr. Jay Sehgal of Sehgal Foundation
  • Mr. Amit Shahi from The Ideaworks
  • Mr. Dilip Thakore from Education World
  • Dr. Rambabu from CantorCO2e
  • Mr. Yusuf Hathi from Fleishman Hillard

All our speakers and mentors who helped and wanted to be with us but could not make it but are our guides and long term mentors.

  • Ms. Meera Sanyal from ABN Amro
  • Mr. Arun Maira
  • Ms. Manjeet Kripalani from Business Week
  • Mr. Dan Baxter from Fleishman Hillard
  • Mr. Suhel Seth from Counselage
  • Mr. Jehangir Pocha from News X (formerly Business world)
  • Ms. Svenja Falk from Accenture
  • Ms. Sally Jones & Mr. Alasdair Lloyd Jones
  • Mr. Hari Menon of bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • And the best for the last, Ms. Aruna Roy the prime mover behind the RTI movement, who sent us this mail as given below and to all the concerned citizens who participated to make the process better and better with their candid views and proactive feedback.

Dear Friends,

As your invitation comes after I have committed myself to other people I will not be able to attend the meetings. As you also know, I have very little day to day give and take with the corporate world. In fact I am a critic of its world view. Nevertheless, I understand that the world is plural and contains many perceptions and practitioners of ideologies. Also that we must dialogue.

What may be of use to all of us, is that the corporate world acknowledges, that it is as prone, if not more to corruption as Government or any other institution of large or small scale management , unless it is governed by the same set of transparency and accountability norms We have argued that the NGOs, the Political Parties, Religious Institutions and all else should have been covered by the RTI law. Our initial draft, prepared in 1996 under the Chairmanship of Justice Savanat when he was heading the Press Council of India, categorically included all those who spent public money to be equally accountable. Unfortunately the final draft kept out private institutions from the purview of the law.

So do bring in private responsibility for public spending in line with that of government. For the ordinary person, money lost from whatever mismanagement is the same. Aruna Roy

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