Right a Wrong

An individual is the strongest power that can bring about a change in the society. You can join our movement by giving up the apathetic attitude and taking a stand to Right a Wrong that you see around you, however small that might seem. Small acts of Conviction serve as a source of inspirations to your friends and colleagues and when some like-minded citizens work Together as One, a citizen movement begins. Be The One to Lead the Change and Inspire others. Join Karmayuga- The Right every Wrong era and post your stories of change on our website during the 40 day Karmayuga period starting from 15th August.

Nominate a Karmaveer

Karmaveer Puraskaar are the Global Awards for Citizen Action for Social Justice initiated by iCONGO in 1996. These awards celebrate the spirit of the unsung heroes who have gone beyond the call of their duty to Be The Change. If you or someone you know embodies the true spirit of a Karmaveer, please nominate them for the Karmaveer Puraskaar. For more details, please visit www.karmaveer.com

Write For a Cause

If you believe that apolitical and fearless Journalism is the Key to Bring about a change in the society through Mass awareness, then join our Media portal www.iDishoom.com as a Citizen reporter or Editor and use the Power of your Pen to Lead a Change.

Become a Karmaveer Fellow

If you are keen to be involved with social issues and want to actively advocate for various causes, then become a Karmaveer Fellow by joining iCAN- Indian Citizen Action Network

iCAN is the KARMAVEER fellowship of individual citizen members on the lines of TiE, AIESEC, Rotary, Free Mason or other networks, with the objective of promoting social justice and social change, in Urban and Rural India. iCAN shall have members from various sectors and shall consist of people who are keen to be involved with social issues, learn more about social issues and learn from each other and from the interactive Knowledge sessions that iCAN shall organise for the fellows. iCAN fellows shall be part of a social change network that discusses issues and contributes viewpoints as citizens to its secretariat, which the secretariat shall then address with people in legislation as a Citizen forum and think tank. Thus in the long term iCAN members shall be directly advocating for progressive policies for we the people. The unique value advantage is that all Karmaveer fellows become members of the Karmaveer movement that has noble laureates comprising of eminent citizens who have led citizen action for social justice. (Details of noble laureates on www.karmaveer.com). Thus all fellows become a part of the Karmaveer family along with people like Verghese Kurien, Anu Aga, James Lyngdoh, MS Swaminathan, Arun Maira, Rahul Bose, Gopichand Pullela, Mahesh Bhupathi, Remo, Kajol, and various other though leaders. All Karmaveer fellows shall have the “iCAN be the change” badge that they can proudly wear and will be profiled on the Karmaveer website and can use Karmaveer fellow as a title on their visiting card. iCAN intends to have chapters in all major cities of India in order to act as a nationwide catalyst for social change..

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