Conclave - March 2007


  • Good governance and social responsibility: Empowering citizens to promote governance and responsibility
  • Strategic Philanthropy and Public Private Partnership
  • The need to engage and get involved
  • Micro finance- making it community friendly 
  • Citizens can choose their elected leaders by driving electoral reforms
  • How can we save the Tiger 
  • Towards global leadership – Including the Excluded 
  • Micro finance and social enterprise for creating wealth for the marginalised communities 
  • Transforming Society into More Humane, Secular, Just, Caring & Equitable
  • Socially Responsible Media: News Vs. Sensationalism- Special session on how a socially responsible media can drive change.
  • RTI- From We the People to WE THE POWER- Special session to make RTI accessible and usable for the citizens
  • Making systems and the workplace accessible and inclusive for all
  • NGO – Government- private partnerships in Health and Population Programmes – A critical analysis of current scenario + HIV – Are we a part of the solution or the problem?
  • CSR – Is there a possible win-win option and going beyond cheque book philanthropy
  • FCRA Discussion
  • Making the law accessible, friendly and fast for one and all communities.
  • Mainstreaming education for marginalised and left out children
  • going beyond reservations and training communities for process based skills for industry with assured employment based on certification. (ITEAM) + Cotemporary Models in Sustainable Rural Livelihoods
  • Caring for the Environment: Putting Rhetoric into Actionable Intent
  • NGOs need to be more accountable and transparent

Conclave - November 2007


  • Sustainable Business or Sustainable Earth? Making Business Accountable
  • Climate Change Philanthropy: The Indian Perspective
  • Growing Forests to Address the Energy Needs
  • Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Climate Change, Energy and Sustainable Development
  • Climate Change and Swiss Cooperation
  • Climate Change: Business Strategy and Sustainability
  • The Chasm between: Connecting Inside/Outside
  • Pollution of Values, Climate of Opinion Changes
  • Inner Environment – Dealing with damage done by modern medicine to the human and animal health and consequently to the External environment
  • Presentation By Pamela Gale Malhotra

Conclave - November 2008


The 3rd Right every Wrong Conclave is being held this year with even more vigour and enthusiasm and the theme is something that concerns each one of us as citizens: “ELECTORAL REFORMS”. So be there to do your part. Let’s pledge to stand up and speak out against bad governance. To choose the right leaders. To ask for accountability and transparency. So that we can truly become the world’s largest and greatest democracy.

Conclave - November 2009

27th November, 2009 at Lok Kala Manch, Lodi Road, New Delhi

This year’s RIGHTeveryWRONG Conclave will focus on the growing ill-effects of the virus that is Corruption, the consequences and the need to fight corruption in India. As is the case with many developing nations, Corruption is rampant and widespread in India. Criminalization of the India Politics is a problem. Talking tough alone will not yield any results unless the deep rooted causes of corruption are identified and treated. Hereby, our endeavour is to get an insight into what evil rests in our judicial and political system. So here is an opportunity for all of us to understand our responsibilities, voice our thoughts and do our bit for giving our nation the future it deserves.

Conclave - November 2010

Global Peace, Oneness and Secular Harmony
27th Nov, 2010, Deepalaya School, Kalkaji, New Delhi

The 5th REW Conclave focused on the Theme Global Peace, Oneness and Secular Harmony. In today’s world scenario, boundaries of nation and creed are not visible but dwell only in the imaginations of men. Increasing awareness is being created towards global peace through various artists such as dancers, musicians, painters, writers etc. through their work and also by the governments of nations. But is this message penetrating to the common man in his routine life? For this reason, solution oriented discussions were held to assess the impact of such movements and whether the citizens of the country and world are willing to participate in them. It was attended by thought leaders from all spheres of the society. Hopefully we shall through our network spearhead communal harmony globally & nationally, like the citizen action churned through thought leadership at our past 4 conclaves. Past conclaves led to major citizen activism through our network for inspiring action against corruption by filing RIGHT TO INFORMATION applications and Public Interest Litigations, electoral reforms through movements like NO CRIMINALS & ENGAGE VOTER and other CITIZEN ACTIVISM to address various social causes and issues like CLIMATE CHANGE and ETHICAL MEDIA.

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